Motor Neuron Disease (MND)-Symptoms and Treatment in Ayurveda 

Motor Neuron Disease (MND)-Symptoms and Treatment in Ayurveda 

According to Ayurveda, the human body contains pressure points called Marma and Nadi. Motor neuron disease is a problem of the damaged nerves that supply the spinal cord and brain. In the body of a human, there are several Nadis, out of which 3 are very significant. The three main Nadis that supply the entire body, balance control and coordination are Ida, Pingla, and Sushumna.

These nerves connect to the cosmos and draw power from the vibrations in their environment to support the body's operations. As far as we know, ayurveda is a combination of science and medicine.

A slow-moving ailment called motor neuron disease can cause significant paralysis and may begin with a slight change, such as a loosening of muscles. Motor Neuron Disorder isn't a single condition; rather, it can be thought of as a collection of diseases that have a variety of underlying causes. There is nerve deterioration and eventual casualty with this syndrome. The loss of neurons is a major problem that can be caused by bad lifestyle choices, inherited diseases, gene defects, or unintentional injuries. In some situations, it has been shown that emotional instability also contributes to nerve injury that causes loss of mobility and movement. Numerous reasons can be responsible for this terrible illness.

The closest parallel between Motor Neuron Disease and Ayurveda, might be drawn. It would be Avarana vaat vyadhi. Avarana recommends covering - The terms "vata" and "vyadhi" as both relate to the Vaayu dosha. Vaayu is found in every part of the body because of its unique qualities, including those of sukshma (minute) and chal (instability). The body's multiple functions, including breathing, urination, speech, swallowing, and others, are all controlled by the Vata dosha.

The term "avarana" refers to the obstruction of the vaat in MND caused by the conjunction of the Kapha, pitta, or any other. Although vata dosha tends to flow freely, limits in its flow can cause a variety of illnesses or a confluence of unpleasant signs and symptoms.

Symptoms Of Motor Neuron Diseases

Although a line of care has been established with alignment to vata dosha dominance to lessen the symptoms and treat the symptomatic condition. The main components of the human body are regulated by the vata dosha. It maintains a person's primary bodily resilience and mental equilibrium. It ensures a man's sound stability, which supports the behavioral components of daily living.

Any vata dosha disturbance appears to be the root of many ailments, including:

  • Bones becoming brittle
  • Loss of muscular mass
  • Joint loosening 
  • Prolonged pain while moving
  • Inflammation-related reaction with interference in many activities 

    Motor Neuron Disorder is caused by some factors, including increased Vata dosha from excessive exercise and sunbathing.

    • Poor dietary habits
    • Low level of physical activity
    • Increased levels of mental stress

      Attributes that contribute to an increase in vata dosha are problematic. Increased vata dosha coupled with kapha dosha leads to the blockage of numerous pathways manifesting several diseases. Toxin accumulation occurs in several areas, interfering with biological functions such as digestion, lymphatic drainage, body soreness, loss of movement, inflammation in joints, and so on.

      MND's physical issues are accompanied by emotional imbalance. A lack of rationale, reduced brain activity, and difficulties breathing, talking, and swallowing are all symptoms.

      Few suggestions to manage the symptoms of Motor Neuron Disease-

      • Sanshamna is a remarkable Ayurveda methodology for treating vata dosha or Avarana vata vyadhi (lowering the exaggerated dosha),
      • Sanshodhana (removal of doshas from the body),
      • Panchakarma (cleansing of the body through a sequence of processes) ( detoxification of the body through a series of procedures)
      • Rasyana Karma (strengthening of the body with the help of a nutritional diet and ayurvedic supplements)
      • Sadvritta (maintenance of a healthy routine called dincharya).

        Though it appears that you apprehend a lot, these are relatively easy procedures that must be inherited via daily practice and consistency to improve your health standard. Following all of the forenamed procedures will undoubtedly assist to reduce vata dosha in the body, hence improving the condition. Though as per Ayurveda complete cure of Motor Neuron Disease is not found yet it could manage with effort.

        How To Manage Motor Neuron Disease

        The majority of the time, a combination of Ayurvedic therapy techniques, such as the use of herbal oils for massage, can effectively help in motor neuron disease treatment.

        • Basti in panchakarma therapy to reduce vata levels
        • Using Shiro-abhyanga and shirodhara to reduce mental stress
        • Immuno+ Tea ( kadha )for cleansing
        • Light diet will help with digestion.
        • Yoga and pranayama to encourage physical activity to prevent joint stiffness
        • Muscle relaxation with swedana therapy is effective.

          Another crucial idea or phenomenon is dhatu kashya, a condition that occurs in motor neuron disorder. According to Ayurveda, the seven dhatus of the human body tends to degenerate in MND. The dhatus consist of Rasa, Rakta, Mansa, Medha, Asthi, Maja, and Shukra, with Mansa and Asthi being predominantly degraded with nerve conduction loss. This illness causes a considerable decline in overall health care. The nourishing value of dhatu is significantly lost as a result.

          Lifestyle Management For Motor Neuron Disease Treatment

          To increase the longevity of life with all of the aforesaid approaches, it is essential to adhere to sadvritta and vata lowering aahar vihar. According to the Ayurvedic diet, it is essential to consume foods like seeds high in omega-3 fatty acids, dairy products high in protein, and green leafy vegetables high in iron. Avoid eating foods that are difficult to digest and cause acidity. The two adaptable herbs ashwagandha and Brahmi aid to reduce vata dosha levels and generally increase immunity while giving the body vigor. Also to fasten the process one could also opt for Motor Neuron Disease Treatment pack by Deep Ayurveda which is a complete routine that helps to manage the disease.

          These neural pathways are all a component of the body's various chakras, which align to function in a controlled and coordinated way. If this chakra is disrupted, it eventually leads to nerve imbalance and poor health. In the spinal cord, these Nadis are linked together to form a chakra that performs the necessary tasks. With the knowledge that the chakras are where the human body's prana is located, one might use ayurveda to lessen the effects of motor neuron disease.


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