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Best Natural Remedy For Children's Health

Kids are an extremely challenging age group to work with since they don't understand their physiology. The main difference between adults and children is that adults are intelligent enough to communicate on their own, but youngsters take their time and lack certain knowledge. Out of all the factors, children's health is what needs to be considered and managed at each stage of life.

From the moment a newborn comes into the world until the age of puberty, which is between 11 to 13 roughly, varies from person to person. Ayurveda is first and foremost a preventative health care system with a lifestyle management strategy to prevent illnesses or discomfort. It is advised to follow established rules and guidelines in order to be healthy and increase longevity according to Ayurveda for children's health

How is a Human Body Made?

Dosha, Dhatu, and Mala are concepts found in ayurveda. The dosha is made up of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The seven dhatus that compose the body are called dhatus, and the excretory waste products known as mala—stool, urine, and sweat. The three doshas and seven dhatus interact with one another in order to maintain the body’s health. The aforementioned doshas are in charge of several effects on children's bodies. 

There is a recommended regimen for maintaining health, but it is not always feasible to make youngsters comprehend it and convince them to follow it. In order to make it simpler, it is best to stick to the fundamental, kid-friendly steps.

Aahar - The Dietary Pattern 

The focus of Ayurveda is on diet and way of life as a natural remedy for children's health. It can be difficult to help children understand the intricacy of health care, but parents must ensure that their children's diets contain all the necessary nutrients. A meal should have an appropriate ratio of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Children today aren't as interested in traditional methods, therefore meal preparation needs to be a little more intensive to meet demand. To satisfy the nutritional value, protein intake including milk, eggs, and meat is also required. Additionally, Deep Ayurveda's Kalyankam Prash is advised to give the process an extra boost. A balanced diet guarantees advancement and power optimal brain function enhancing the immune system.

Vihar - The Physical Activities 

Growing and developing physically is a crucial feature, especially for children. A child's milestones are also standardized based on the balance of their physical activity. Other than playing with friends and making chaos, one should try to engage kids in some simple, enjoyable physical activities to build their strength. Exercise promotes not only physical growth but also mental development in youngsters by maximizing their daily activities. Additionally, activities that improve awareness and attentiveness should be included, such as brain games and problem-solving strategies. Along with this to boost immunity and health also include AshwaPrash which is a Rasayana formulated by Deep Ayurveda after various clinical trials helps to develop strength and improve all over general health. 

Nada Yoga - Yoga of Sound 

According to Ayurveda, it is vital to comprehend that engaging in a variety of creative activities is both necessary for general growth and advantageous from a medical standpoint. Music therapy is one of the coolest and most natural remedies for children. However, it's important to note that Vedic music therapy also involves chanting mantras, some of which are as straightforward as OM. Children today need to comprehend the value of roots and attachment. Mantra chanting and Nada Yoga, or the yoga of sound, are both effective ways to focus energy. 

Enabling the kids to concentrate and focus on one area, strengthens their mental fortitude. Sound and vibrations assist in gathering good energy from the environment. The benefits of absorbing this energy that is drawn from the earth are numerous. This energy aids in the physical, mental, and spiritual healing of children. Children must also deal with their complex emotions, which can be controlled with the aid of yoga and sound.

Children's panchakarma treatment is another very popular set of practices. Panchakarma therapy includes swedana, vaman, virechana, basti, nasya, and raktamokshan. The simplest of these to practice every day to eliminate all the doshas is snehana.
Out of all the detoxification processes, snehana treatment is one of the simplest ways in Ayurveda for children's health. Let's examine some fundamental snehana techniques and their advantages for children.


The oleation therapy is called snehana. It could involve both internal and external therapy. The application of oils to open cavities like the ears, nose, eyes, and mouth is known as external oiling. Another way to do snehana is to simply apply oil to the body and head. Let's explain to kids the simple steps they can take on a regular basis to support maintaining their general health.


Children's heads should be rubbed with medicinal herbal oil as part of a dincharya which is a natural remedy for children in Ayurved. By following these ritual leads on a regular basis will help to calm down various doshas. calms children's restless behavior - encourages youngsters to stay active - raises kids' awareness and improves their eyesight. Tasks would be done with a base oil like seaseme oil, coconut oil with turmeric, or garlic. Additionally, dashmoola tailam is also suggested to achieve the aforementioned goal.


The application of herbal medicinal oils through the nasal passage is known as nasyam or nasya. It facilitates nasal pathway cleansing and hinders the buildup of doshas, particularly kapha dosha. Minor diseases like colds, coughs, and allergies brought on by dust are frequent in children and could be avoided with the use of oils. While additional essential oils blended with eucalyptus, brahmi, and vacha are said to provide medicinal effects, simple basic anu tailam is indicated for Nasya therapy in  natural remedy for children .Nasyam helps to reduce viscosity, enhance vision, cleanse the ENT channel, and strengthen immunity

Karna Purana

The Ayurvedic practice of "Karna Purana" involves applying oil to the ear cavities is an ancient method of Ayurveda for children's health. The overall coating on the ears helps with balance and dirt absorption. Thus, snehana therapy promotes the presence of oils in the ear, prevents ear infections in children, treats ear pain and headaches, lessens tingling, and restores equilibrium to the body. Another issue that affects kids frequently is tinnitus. The simplest oils to use are those like lukewarm sesame oil. Additionally, dashmoola taila, apamarga, or clove oil is suggested.

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