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Deep Ayurveda

Aloe Vera Vegan Capsule | 10:1 Extract Helps in Skin Care, Digestive Support & Tridosha Balance

Aloe Vera Vegan Capsule | 10:1 Extract Helps in Skin Care, Digestive Support & Tridosha Balance

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The Aloe Vera Vegan Capsule by Deep Ayurveda with 10:1 extract encapsulates the healing properties of Aloe Vera, renowned for its diverse health benefits. In Ayurveda, Aloe Vera harmonizes the three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—bringing balance to the body. These capsules offer digestive support, skin rejuvenation, and immune enhancement. With its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects.

    What is Alovera Capsule ?

    Alovera Vegan Capsule made with 100% plant phyto chemicals which widely use in traditional ayurvedic treatment since ancient time by the scholars of ayurveda for chronic as well as lifestyle disorders. It is always a must and a good fit in your daily nutrition. Aloe vera capsules have antioxidant properties that help our bodies fight almost any disease. Adding aloe vera capsules to your daily nutrition will make it healthier.

    Deep Ayurveda Herbal Capsule made with 100% plant phytochemicals (Plant Extracts)

    Key Benefits of Alovera Capsule

    Aloe Vera capsules have several health benefits. As a result, it is always a must and a good fit in your daily nutrition. Adding Aloe Vera Capsules to your daily nutrition will make it healthier. It helps to keep all three doshas in a balanced state. The Aloe Vera Capsule improves the overall health. Other benefits includes:

    • It has antibacterial, anti-oxidant properties.
    • Aloe Vera Capsule helps in skin problems, constipation, acidity, hepatic disorders, peptic ulcers and overall health.
    • It is beneficial in improving immunity and for healthy digestion.
    • Regular use of Aloe Vera capsule promotes hair growth, prevents dandruff, lowers cholesterol levels, balances blood glucose levels, and effectively works as wound healing.

    Key Ingredients of Alovera Capsule

    Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis miller)

    How to Take ?

    Any adult person can take 1-2 capsule twice a day after food or as suggested by the ayurveda practitioner.

    Many Reasons to Trust Deep Ayurveda ?

    • This Formula developed by the renowned ayurvedic practitioner who are doing clinical practice in ayurveda since last 16 years
    • This Formula made with 100% plant based extracts includes Phytochemicals like phenolic acids, flavonoids, and carotenoids etc
    • This Formula is made with 100% vegan capsule pills
    • Product already approved by the State Drug Licensing Authority- Ayush
    • There is No added synthetic colors, chemicals, and artificial flavoring agents and even no talc used.
    • No Animal Testing so its cruelty free formulation
    • Produced in house GMP Certified & USFDA approved Manufacturing Unit 
    • Its clinical tested and trialed product and 100% side effect free even for regular use
    • Product coming in premium packaging.

    Packing Details

    Available in 30 Nos. Capsule Pack.

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