Ayurveda Wellness Shopee by Deep Ayurveda

Ayurveda Shopee Franchise in India is Great ayurveda business opportunity for any individual who want to work from home or small shop. It one-stop Ayurveda Shoppe Franchise where all type of Ayurveda products, Organic Herbs, Essential Oils, Beauty Care, Personal care Products and ayurvedic treatment also available under one roof and qualified & trained Ayurveda Wellness Associate will help customer or patient to dispense  Ayurvedic products or treatment as per the recommendation of Ayurvedic doctor by connecting the patient directly to qualified, experienced and board-certified Ayurveda Vaidya through a telephonic call through Telemedicine Consultation.

Our Product & Services

Deep Ayurveda Shopee in India  is One Stop Solution of Ayurveda Wellness


As such there is not a specific education needed to run a Ayurveda Shopee but basic education is very important so we prefer 10+2 Medical/Non Medical, (D-Pharma- Ay), BAMS/ Post Graduation  & 1-2 years sales experiences in healthcare can apply for Ayurveda Shopee Franchise in India


  • Only as small retail space of 10X10 Sq ft required to run ” Ayurveda Shopee Franchise ” either in commercial or residential place Or you also can work from home if want to work online only.
  • Investment start from Rs.1.00 Lacs* for Deep Ayurveda Shopee Franchise in India ( This investment is only for stock inventory rest all cost will be managed by the franchise like computer, printer, branding & basic infrastructure etc)
  • No Franchise Fee | No Royalty for Ayurveda Shopee Franchise

Most Important Tools to Promote Sale

  • First start selling the product from your own social & personal network
  • Most important tool is online selling through social media and ecommerce platform.
  • Sale through retail outlet if developed a shop in commercial place.
  • Sale through kiosk / canopy activity at different public gathering places like temple, schools, community centers etc.
  • Participation in Exhibitions & Trade fairs and company will support to arrange space.
  • Sales through promotional activities on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Reference sale through existing customers
  • Sales through inquires received from our head office.


  • Margin is up to 50%*  but further depends on product to product.
  • If franchise owner will work full time and spend 6-8 hours daily then he/she can easily earn more than Rs.50000/-* & above per month.
  • Company also offers special schemes on sales achievement
  • One Foreign holiday trip every year on target achievement


  • To create self-employment specially for female/ house wife or who can not do the job by any reasons.
  • To provide 100% genuine authentic Ayurveda Health Care and herbal products with in affordable cost.
  • To make self-independent and make the country “ATAM NIRBHAR”
  • To aware people about Ayurveda wellness to remain healthy and disease-free.