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Classical Rasayan By Deep Ayurveda

Swasani® Ayurvedic Rasayan for Respiratory Health for All | Natural Superfood for Lungs Detox Formulation

Swasani® Ayurvedic Rasayan for Respiratory Health for All | Natural Superfood for Lungs Detox Formulation

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Swasani® Ayurvedic Rasayan is considered the best formula for smoking tar because it contains a combination of powerful vital herbs that have various health benefits for the respiratory system. These herbs help to cleanse and detoxify the lungs, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy respiratory function.

Its is made with 12+ vital herbs like vasaka, kantkari, ushir, talispatar, pippali, licorice, dalichini, chavika etc, these ingredients in Swasani Rasayan work synergistically to promote healthy respiratory function, reduce congestion and inflammation, and support the detoxification and cleansing of the lungs. This makes it an effective formula for smokers who may have tar buildup in their lungs and experience respiratory issues.

Key Benefits of Swasani® Ayurvedic Superfood for Lungs Detox ?

  • Traditionally prepared Ayurvedic Superfood for respiratory health to keep us healthy even in seasonally change.
  • Helps to Detox & Clean lungs to Give Strength.
  • Swasani® Ayurvedic Superfood is beneficial in digestion as it Improve our Digestive System 
  • Swasani® Superfood is a traditional ayurvedic rasayan known to Maintain Good Health and healthy Immune System
  • Swasani®Ayurvedic Rasayan is is also known as a lungs detoxifier.
  • This Superfood is a best ayurvedic superfood for daily routine to stay healthy and anyone can take 1 teasoon of Swasani Herbal Jam after food.
  • It is very tasty and yummy, Children love to eat and its very easy way to give ayurveda to your growing children to boost their immunity and to provide them strength.

Why Deep Ayurveda Swasani ® Herbal Jam

  • Traditionally made with organic herbs, Jaggery & Honey
  • Swasani Formulated by Renowned Ayurvedacharya Dr Baldeep Kour with Classical Method with the concept of five elements and Tridosha balance principle.
  • No Artificial sweetener, No Color, No Synthetic Flavor or Any type of Chemical
  • Taken reference from our Ayurveda Granth Astang Haridyam as these Rasayans are were used since ancient time by our ayurveda scholars and rishi munis.
  • Non GMO, No Animal Cruelty, 100% Natural.
  • Manufactured in Aysuh Certified, GMP & USFDA Registered facility by Deep Ayurveda

Swasani® Ayurvedic Superfood  Packing ?

Swasani Ayurvedic superfood coming in very elegant Glass Jar and its coming in 250gm and 500gm packing.

Information about Monthly Course:

  • One Month Course- 1 Jar of 500gm or 2 Jar 250gm
  • 2 Months Course- 2 Jar of 500gm or 4 Jar 250gm
  • 3 Months Course- 3 Jar of 500gm or 6 Jar 250gm

How to Use ?

  • Swasani Ayurvedic Superfood (Herbal Jam) is a idle Ayurvedic Rasayan for every age and every genders to stay healthy.
  • Everyone need to keep Swasani Ayurvedic Jam in their kitchen and can eat one teaspoon after food.
  • Its is very yummy & tasty in taste and very helpful to digest the food and boost our metabolic process.
  • Adult can take 1 teaspoon twice a day after food.
  • Children between 5 to 14 years old can take 1/2 teaspoon (half teaspoon) twice a day after food
  • Children between 1 to 5 years old can take 1/4teaspoon (half teaspoon) one time in a day after food

Key Ingredients

Why Swasani is so special and why we telling that everyone need to keep it in Kitchen for daily use after̥ food ?

Lets have a look on Key Herbs used in Swasani Prash

  1. Talisapatra
  2. Chavika
  3. Kali mirch
  4. Pippali
  5. Pippali mool
  6. Haritaki
  7. Choti elachi
  8. Dalchini
  9. Tejpattar
  10. Nagkesher
  11. Usheer
  12. Honey
  13. Jaggery
  14. 5 type of Ayurvedic Salts

Swasani made above 14+ natural ingredients, Organic Jaggery, Honey & Processed in Pure Organic Ghee

Shipping & Handling

Out Of India Shipping & Delivery

Worldwide Shipping by DHL Express

  • Australia - Delivery with in 5 to 7 Days
  • USA - Delivery with in 4 to 5 days
  • Europe - Delivery with in 4 to 5 days
  • Rest World: USA - Delivery with in 5 to 7 days

Domestic (With in India)

  • North India- Delivery with in 3 to 5 days
  • Rest India with in 5 to 7 Days

Prepaid and COD (Only for India) both Available


Q. Diabetic Person Can take or Not ?

Ans: Yes diabetic person can take as its made with jaggery which is very good for diabetic person.

Q. Children can take it regular basis ?

Ans: Yes, Children can take on regular basis as per the dosage mentioned above.

Q. Can we take it regular basis and any side effects ?

And. Yes anyone can take it for regular basis and there is no known side effects

Q. Best method to consume for children ?

Ans. You can paste it on bread like a normal jam and your kids will love to eat.

Q. Any Artificial Color, Flavour , Sweetener used in Swasani ?

Ans. Deep Ayurveda never promote or use any type of un natural substance in any of its formulation and we commited to provide you 1005 authentic and trustable ayurvedic products.

Q. Can we return it If we didn't like Swasani ?

Ans. Yes, You can return your pack if their is any quality related issue or unused sealed pack with in 30 days of purchase and your money will be returned once product returned to our warehouse.

Q. After purchase can we get ayurevdic doctor consultation or advice on Swasani ?

Ans. Being a Ayurevdic Doctor based organsation, Deep Ayurveda providing free consultation to each customer who brought our product online. You can book your consultation by visiting our website or whatsapp at 070870-38065

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sunita Rani

Good product for coughing and throat and mucus clearance

Thanks a lot for genuine and honest review on Swasani.. Its a clinical developed product by our founder Dr Baldeep Kour who has been in ayurveda practice since 2006


I found it very helpful during cold & cough

Sarita Thakur
Healthy Product

I found it very healthy for the winter season. Value for money.

Sukhdeep Bajwa

This product gives value for money. Perfect for flu, cold. etc.

Suraj Kumar

Yeh maine thand ke mausam mei jukam, khansi wgera se bachne ke liye kharida tha. Taste thoda sa karwa lga par fayidemand hai.