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Lodhrasava | Classical Ayurveda | 450 ml

Lodhrasava | Classical Ayurveda | 450 ml

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Lodhrasava is an Ayurvedic formulation which widely use in traditional ayurvedic treatment since ancient time by the scholars of ayurveda for chronic as well as lifestyle disorders

What is Arishta & Asva

Asavas and Aristas are classcial ayurvedic preparations, prepared either boiling or by soaking the decoction of a herbs, then mix it with natural jaggery, Honey along with a fermenter for a specified period of time, during which it undergoes fermentation to produce natural alcohol. thus facilitating the extraction of active principles contained in the liquid. These classical Aristams are widely in use since anicient time and playing a very important role in ayurvedic system.

Why You Trust on Deep Ayurveda ?

  • We Preparing the Classcial Ayurvedic Medicine by following the with traditional method along with scientific validation to provide higher efficay.
  • Classical Ayurvedic Products developed by the renowned ayurvedic practitioners who are doing clinical practice in  ayurveda since last 18 years
  • Product made with 100% Organic & Genuine herbs.
  • Product already approved by the State Drug Licensing Authority- Ayush
  • There is No added synthetic colors, chemicals, and artificial flavoring agents and even no talc used.
  • No Animal Testing so its cruelty free formulation
  • Produced in house GMP Certified & USFDA  approved  Manufacturing Unit 
  • Classcial Ayurvedic Medicines are researched and side effect if use under the guidance of ayurvedic consultant.
  • Product coming in envoirement friendly packaging.

How to Use ?

Adult can take 20ml to 30ml with equal quanity of water Otr As directed by th ayurvedic consultant.

Shipping & Handling

All over India Shipping by courier and cash on delivery also available.

International Shipping by DHL Express

Packing Details

Arisht & Asva coming in 450ml Pet Bottle.

Care Instructions

Note: Self medication can be harmful. Always use Classcial Ayurvedic mediicne under the strict super vision of Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Online Doctor Consultation available

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